People have been gathering in pubs for generations to talk about life and death, and what if anything it ALL means. So, come, bring your questions, your curiosity, and your wisdom, pull up a chair, enjoy a pint or a glass of your favourite tipple, and together we’ll learn from one another!  We may not find any answers, but if we are fortunate, we might just formulate some better questions. EVERYONE is welcome!!! People of any faith and no faith at all! We all have wisdom to share!!!  Our format will be simple: people of all sorts gathered around beer, wine, or water, for some lively conversations about the catch-phrase: “Spiritual But NOT Religious!”  So, join us in the Upper Room at the Crow’s Nest (115 Prospect St. Newmarket) on Tuesday May 14 at 7:00pm and add your voice to the conversation, or come early and join us for supper at 6pm in the Upper Room. 

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