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Season of Epiphany

The feast of Epiphany falls on a Sunday this year! Join us as we celebrate the season!

Welcome Home to the MYSTERY that IS LOVE – Christmas Eve sermon

Christmas Eve Candle-light Communion

The Story of Jesus’ Birth is a Subversive Parable

Telling the Christmas Story

“The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!” – Reformation Sunday

You can read a transcript of this sermon at www.pastordawn.com

Let us “repent” turn away from the tribalism that engenders hatred!

On this Reformation Sunday, we who bear the name Lutheran must confess the history of anti-Semitism that permeates our church’s history. From Martin Luther, the Holocaust, and beyond, we have all too often failed to live up to our Jewish founder’s command to love our neighbour. As we grieve with our sisters and brothers in Pittsburgh, let us resolve to repent, to turn away from the tribalism that continues to engender hatred. May the Shalom we long for come soon and may we be part of it’s coming.

There’s that word, ransom? – a progressive view of ransom – Mark 10:35-45

This sermon relies heavily on the exegetical work of David Lose. I am indebted to Marcus Borg for teaching us the questions to ask of ancient authors and their stories. I am also indebted to the critic of my work who took the time to challenged me to “confess that Jesus died for my sins”. While I do not share my critic’s atonement theology, I am grateful for his willingness to engage in conversation. You can read the full text of the sermon on the blog www.pastordawn.com

This Week at the Gathering Centre – home of Holy Cross

MORNING BREW: Painting the Stars

Join us tomorrow, Thurs. Oct.18 at 10am! Over a cup of morning brew we will explore the intersection between faith and science.

Eternal Life: No Beginning and No End! – Mark 10:17-31

You can read the full text of this sermon at: www.pastordawn.com