Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Christmas Eve – 7 pm Candlelight Communion

Inspired By the Dreamer Joseph

Join us this Sunday: Advent/Christmas Celebration!

Advent Worship – 10:45am

Potluck Lunch – after worship

Tree Trimming & Carolling

Bring along your favourite dish to share!

“You Brood of Vipers!” How Dare You? – Matthew 3:1-12 – Advent 2

Beyond Belief – featuring the work Marcus Borg – coming in January

Beyond Belief, Featuring the work of Marcus Borg

Starting Sunday January 19, 2020 @ 9:15am


Four ForeMothers: a transformational parable – Matthew 1:1-17

Advent begins this Sunday!

Celebration of This Church Year

To mark the end of the Church Year on Sunday our worship provided opportunities to offer thanksgiving, lament, and hope.


Our Temples Lie in Ruins: Luke 21:5-19

Peace Sunday

Commemorations and Venerations: All Saints’ Sunday

All Saints Sunday celebrates the sacredness of humanity. We are all Saints! Luther taught us that we are simul justus et picator, both saint and sinner at the same time. Sadly, we all too often remember the sinner part but forget the saint part. NOT TODAY! We pause to remember those saints who have gone before us. We will also ponder our own sainthood. Commemorate: to bring to mind. Venerate: to revere, to regard with great respect, to love. Pastors Eric Schultz and Dawn Hutchings lead All Saints’ Sunday worship

Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks – film series with Diana Butler Bass

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