Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Coming in September: ProFuture Faith

lambs among wolves – Luke 10:1-16

Thanks be to the ONE in whom we live and move and have our BEING – Canada Sunday Celebration

Pikangikum First Nation Initiatives

PRIDE Sunday!

Join us this Sunday June 16 at 10:45am as we celebrate PRIDE Sunday!

Not Yet Christian – Pentecost/Confirmation Sunday

MORNING BREW: Human & Divine? Thursday June 13 @ 10am

MORNING BREW – What is the Nature and Efficacy of PRAYER???

Lonely, Yet Not Alone: John 14:23-29, Easter 6C

Progressive In Approach: Christlike In Action

Politically Speaking host Dave Szollosy interviewed Pastor Dawn the conversation included questions like: How does a small congregation like Holy Cross do the things it does?  What do we mean when we call ourselves progressive? What did John Shelby Spong mean when he called Holy Cross, “a jewel in the frozen north?”

PRIDE Sunday – June 16 @ 10:45am


Science, Culture, Humanism, Scholarship, Religion, and Evolving Faith

Join us over a Morning Brew @ the Gathering Centre as we explore the questions driving the evolution of Christianity in the 21st Century. Thursdays May 23 through June 13 at 10:00am – 4 sessions, each one designed to be a self-contained unit – so come to one or come to them all and add your wisdom to our conversations.

We will use sections of the ground-breaking Living the Questions videos to spark our conversations. You’re not alone! Countless others have moved beyond the traditional religious conventions of the past – but still value the challenge and spirit of the teachings of a prophetic, compassionate Jesus. But how does one express this deeper, more enriching understanding?