Progressive In Approach:

Christlike in Action!

As a compassionate, justice-seeking, progressive Christian community, we seek new ways of connecting with God, ourselves, and our neighbours.

Our Mission

We seek to be a welcoming, inclusive Christian community that strives to live out our faith by being LOVE in the world. We enjoy being challenged and nurtured through worship, educational opportunities, music, and laughter. We seek peace and justice by responding to the needs of our neighbours.

Everyone Is Welcome:

As followers of Christ, all members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church are compelled by the Gospel to seek reconciliation and wholeness in a world that is all too often an unloving place.  Therefore, rejoicing in God’s abundant grace, we extend a special welcome to all.  Whether you are gay, straight, queer, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender; whatever your country of origin or ancestry; whether you are a believer, a doubter or a seeker; in Christ’s love, we welcome you, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit we can work together to usher in God’s Reign of justice, peace, and mercy.

Bishop John Shelby Spong described Holy Cross as: “A Jewel in the frozen north!”

“…an incredible power emanates from this congregation.  Most of the small Christian churches in the United States and Canada are discouraged.  They feel impotent to impact the modern world.  They are shackled with the vestiges of yesterday that find expression in scripture and liturgy.  They feel like the mystical Sisyphus as they seek to roll the mighty stone uphill.  I invite those churches to look at, correspond with, visit, get on the mailing list of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Newmarket, Ontario.  What I found there will energize my life for years.”