Science, Culture, Humanism, Scholarship, Religion, and Evolving Faith

Join us over a Morning Brew @ the Gathering Centre as we explore the questions driving the evolution of Christianity in the 21st Century. Thursdays September 26, 2019 at 10:00am – 8 sessions, each one designed to be a self-contained unit – so come to one or come to them all and add your wisdom to our conversations.

We will use sections of the ground-breaking Living the Questions videos to spark our conversations. You’re not alone! Countless others have moved beyond the traditional religious conventions of the past – but still value the challenge and spirit of the teachings of a prophetic, compassionate Jesus. But how does one express this deeper, more enriching understanding?


Michael Dowd – We are living in challenging and confusing times and religion and science each has a vital role to play in assisting humanity in coming home reality. Given our impact on Earth’s climate, soils, seas, forests, and other species, we are already in the early stages of, what could be called, The Great Reckoning. The good news is that this could also be The Great Homecoming: humanity, the prodigal species, after squandering our inheritance, coming home to Life by honoring evidence as authoritative and ecology as the heart of theology.

My intention in this course is to lift up the evolutionary purpose of religion and the ecological necessity of science to assist all of us in reclaiming our moral and prophetic voice on behalf of future generations. Such an evidence-based “sacred realism” and “compassionate resolve” can help us accept what is inevitable, avoid what is futile, and attend to what matters most. It can also help us stay sane, sober, and inspired in chaotic and difficult times.

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