3 thoughts on “HCLC 20230212

  1. Looks like you did it Andrew!

    *Each life is a mystery that is never finally available *

    *to the mind’s light or questions. *

    *That we are here is a huge affirmation; *

    *somehow life needed us and wanted us to be. *

    *To sense and trust this primeval acceptance *

    *can open a vast spring of trust within the heart. *

    *It can free us into a natural courage that *

    *casts out fear and opens up our lives *

    *to become voyages of discovery, creativity, *

    *and compassion. *

    *No threshold need be a threat, *

    *but rather an invitation and a promise. *

    *Whatever comes, the great sacrament of life *

    *will remain faithful to us, *

    *blessing us always with visible signs *

    *of invisible grace. *

    We merely need to trust.

    *O’Donohue, John. To Bless the Space Between Us: *

    *A Book of Blessings *


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