ASH WEDNESDAY: worship over Zoom

Join us over Zoom as we begin LENT together.

Our LENTEN theme, SPRING FORTH reflects our current reality, as we begin to emerge from various pandemic restrictions and new possibilities tantalize us.
ASH WEDNESDAY provides us with a Cosmic reminder: Remember You Are Stardust and to Stardust You Shall Return! Our glorious mortality is cause for celebration! So, we wanted to go LIVE over Zoom.

13.8 billion years ago a powerful burst of energy emanated from the SOURCE of ALL. Flaming forth, ever-expanding, our star-birthing Cosmos gave rise to life, glorious self-conscious life. You are that life!

Set up your own sanctuary

A candle, ashes (a rock, dirt, sand, or better yet some glitter) and some water.


Time: Mar 2, 2022 10:00 AM America/Toronto


Meeting ID: 885 8429 0812

Passcode: 579249

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