progressive christianity: ReThinking Christianity NOW!

New online course begins Jan. 25


4 thoughts on “progressive christianity: ReThinking Christianity NOW!

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Does USF mean US dollars? How so? Just curious. This looks like an interesting course. I’ve done a lot of reading/listening/watching on the subject so do you think I would learn much from this course?

    I was also looking for information about the Tuesday Faith Chats in January and didn’t see anything.

    I hope you had some rest since your busy Christmas season. We alays enjoy your sermons.

    Linda Ann Jewell (Huntsville, ON)

    Linda Ann Jewell



    • Hi Linda: Happy New Year! Yes indeed USF does mean U.S. dollars. We have partnered with the Peoples Catholic Seminary and they are headquartered in the US – the platform provides us with lots of flexibility to provide resources. faith Chat will begin again on Jan 18 – I should have the publicity out tomorrow. Shalom, dawn


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