Advent Sanctuary: Worship and CHAT


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Advent Sanctuary – Tues. Nov. 30 – 10am over Zoom


a place to pray, reflect, chant, & CHAT as we worship.

TUESDAYS over Zoom at 10am – Nov. 30th we begin by exploring DARKNESS. We will begin with music and prayer to inspire our CHAT about the darkness as we share the hope we find discovering new ways to be LOVE in the world.


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If you are unable to join us over Zoom – we will be posting a video recording of our gathering on this site so that you can create your own Advent Sanctuary.

Worship: Parables of DIVINITY

Annunciations from the Margins

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The Season of Advent

Our Advent will take us on a different path this year. We will not be locked down like last year, so in-person gatherings will be possible. Alleluia! We will also continue to offer pre-recorded videos online.  Our path will see us travel not along the route usually mapped out by the Revised Common Lectionary but on a new route. A route provided by the work of the Hebrew Bible Scholar and Episcopal priest Wilda C. Gafney in her newly published “A WOMEN’S LECTIONARY FOR THE WHOLE CHURCH”.  Our readings will be loosely based on Gafney’s suggestions and the translations of scripture will be hers, and we have chosen themes which will function as signposts along our way. These weekly signposts will guide our exploration of the PARABLES of DIVINITY which have nourished generations of Advent travellers.    


ADVENT ONE:  Annunciations from the Margins

ADVENT TWO:  Gestating in Darkness



Worship: Cosmic ONEness

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faith CHAT – Prophetic Spirituality

Tuesday Nov. 23 at 10am over ZOOM

Our CHAT will be inspired by Joan Chittister’s Call to Uncommon Courage conversation with Jamia Wilson watch the video and join our CHAT

Topic: faith CHAT

Time: This is a recurring meeting Tuesdays 10am EST

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Worship: All Saints

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