Bishop John Shelby Spong: A Life Well Lived!

After 90 years of living fully, loving wastefully, and being all that he could be Bishop John Shelby Spong died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday September 12, 2021. A giant of a man in more ways that one, Jack’s towering presence will continue to live in the lives of the millions of people he blessed with his presence.

The Holy Cross community is indebted to Jack for his wisdom, generosity, and kindness. We were blessed to welcome Jack to our small congregation three times. During his visits with us Jack and his beloved Christine became fast friends.

Jack heralded Holy Cross as “the jewel of the North!” We at Holy Cross will continue to herald Jack as a beloved friend and teacher. Thanks be to ALL that IS HOLY for a life well lived!

The video below was recorded on a beautiful Sunday morning in May of 2011. The sermon was the icing on the cake of a weekend filled with Jack’s characteristic whit and wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Bishop John Shelby Spong: A Life Well Lived!

  1. It’s the first time I’ve heard Bishop Spong speak, the only other way I’ve come across him is that he was a trouble maker and undermined Christianity and was outside mainstream christian thought and not to listen to him!!!!! Hearing him speak was an overpowering experience of joy and recognition and assent. Thankyou Pastor Dawn for posting it. Allelujah.


  2. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet him and hear him speak. He was amazing, thanks Dawn for bringing him to us. He will be missed


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