Welcome to our Summer Worship Series: Each Sunday we’ll celebrate fresh interpretations of words to reveal progressive understandings of the WORD.  words you thought you knew, words you may have rejected, words understood differently by our ancestors, forgotten words, inspiring words, surprising words! 
Summer is a time to slip into a slower pace and to enjoy more sabbath rest. So, our summer worship will be created with sabbath in mind. Pre-recorded Worship videos will be uploaded each Sunday morning at 8am and can be viewed at your leisure! Any summer day can be your sabbath! Our revised, shorter format will also provide opportunities for our Worship Team to enjoy some summer breaks.
Each Worship video will be inspired by a word, as we explore often forgotten ways of translating that word from the language of ancient storytellers into English. Through story we will explore translations of words which open us to the MYSTERY we call “God” or “the WORD.” Story, song, and prayer, all inspired by the words of the WORD.
We are excited about providing progressive ways of understanding the words of scripture and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments!!! 
Our summer series will run until September 12.
In-person worship is scheduled to begin on Sunday September 19 – Homecoming Sunday. 

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