faith CHAT – Tuesday May 4th

10am Tuesdays over Zoom

Time for Resurrection – Reconstructing Our Faith

We hear so much these days about “deconstructing” Christianity. During this Season of EASTER, while our focus is on resurrection, we are going to spend some time exploring the reconstruction of our faith.

Over the course of four faith CHATs we will explore new ways of practicing christianity in light of our evolving knowledge about the cosmos, what it means to be human, relating to the MYSTERY we call “God” and following Jesus’ way of being in the world.

Before each faith CHAT participants are encouraged to view selected videos which will function as conversation starters.

Tuesday May 4th faith CHAT

Jesus’ Way of Being in the World

Looking for a place to begin our conversation about Jesus’ Way of Being in the World, it makes sense to consult a Jewish scholar. Amy-Jill Levine is a professor of New Testament Studies at Vanderbilt University. Levine’s ability to view Jesus beyond the layers of doctrine heaped upon him by the Christian Church, has the power to open those of us who have been indoctrinated to a broader context, from which to examine Jesus’ Way.

As our CHAT runs for just an hour, we will save our CHAT on the nature of CHRIST to our June faith CHAT series.

Topic: faith CHAT

Time: This is a recurring meeting Tuesdays @ 10am EDT

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