faith CHAT – Tuesday April 27

10am Tuesdays over Zoom

Time for Resurrection – Reconstructing Our Faith

We hear so much these days about “deconstructing” Christianity. During this Season of EASTER, while our focus is on resurrection, we are going to spend some time exploring the reconstruction of our faith.

Over the course of four faith CHATs we will explore new ways of practicing christianity in light of our evolving knowledge about the cosmos, what it means to be human, relating to the MYSTERY we call “God” and following Jesus’ way of being in the world.

Before each faith CHAT participants are encouraged to view selected videos which will function as conversation starters.

Tuesday April 27th faith CHAT

Relating to the MYSTERY We Call God

“The conventional God existed outside of space and time, a being beyond imagining, who lived in heaven, unaffected by the boundaries of human life. Thus, Western religion developed a language of what theologians call the omnis. God was omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient: all-powerful, in all places, and all knowing. But the grounded God is a God in relationship with space and time as the love that connects and creates all things, known in and with the world. The omnis fail to describe this. Instead, we might think of God as inter, the spiritual thread between space and time; intra within space and time; within space and time; and infra, that which holds space and time. This God is not above or beyond, but integral to the whole of creation, entwined and the sacred ecology of the universe.” (Diana Butler Bass, “Grounded: Finding God in the World A Spiritual Revolution”)

Two videos to inspire our Chat this week. The first video opens us to a wider perception of the MYSTERY with the question: What Is God? and the second video challenges us to think about relating to the MYSTERY with the question: Where Is God?

Topic: faith CHAT

Time: This is a recurring meeting Tuesdays @ 10am EDT

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