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Time for Resurrection – Reconstructing Our Faith

We hear so much these days about “deconstructing” Christianity. During this Season of EASTER, while our focus is on resurrection, we are going to spend some time exploring the reconstruction of our faith.

Over the course of four faith CHATs we will explore new ways of practicing christianity in light of our evolving knowledge about the cosmos, what it means to be human, relating to the MYSTERY we call “God” and following Jesus’ way of being in the world.

Before each faith CHAT participants are encouraged to view selected videos which will function as conversation starters.

Tuesday April 13th faith CHAT – Our Place in the Cosmos???

The stories gifted to us by our ancestors grew out of their limited understanding of the Cosmos. In our lifetimes, the scientific revelations about the nature of reality have been astounding. How do we relate to the vastness of the Cosmos? How does what we are learning about the Cosmos impact the way we imagine and relate to a CREATOR/MYSTERY/DIVINITY/SOURCE?

Brian Swimme is a mathematical cosmologist with an uncanny ability to articulate the new story of our origins in ways that, those of us unfamiliar with the breakthroughs in science can begin to understand. As science continues to revolutionize our understanding of who we are and where we are, the stories we tell to make meaning of life are also beginning to change.  Below are the first three in a series of videos Swimme produced together with sermon “Ecology is the New Theology” by evolutionary theologian Michael Dowd. These videos will help shape our faith CHAT. Enjoy the videos and then join our CHAT by using the Zoom link listed below the videos.

Topic: faith CHAT

Time: This is a recurring meeting Tuesdays @ 10am EDT

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  1. Thanks Dawn, I can’t manage the actual chat but I’ll sure watch the videos! Brian Swimme and Michael Dowd – couldn’t be better! Cathy Gross

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