Prayers of the People

Join us this Friday mornings at 10am as we pray for the people of Holy Cross!  The “Prayers of the People” are a traditional part of our worship liturgy. As care for our neighbours continues to keep our worship liturgies online, the need to include “the People” in our prayers is a challenge.  Our invitation to join us on Friday mornings for the Prayers of the People has had some important feedback!  It turns out that not all of us are comfortable with being recorded and then broadcast online.  This is more than understandable.  So, in order to accommodate our concerns about appearing online, together with our ongoing efforts to respect the privacy of those we pray for, we are revising our process.

1. We will gather at 10am for an opportunity to discuss prayer concerns – this will NOT be recorded. Everyone is welcome to participate!

2. At 10:15am we will record the Prayers of the People to be broadcast within our Sunday Worship Video – Everyone is welcome to participate!

The Worship Planning Team hopes that this will encourage all of us to stay connected through prayer.  So, please join the Zoom Meetings on Friday mornings at 10am – prayer is a dynamic encounter – prayer changes us – prayer empowers us to be LOVE in the world!
NOTE: the 10:15 recording time is not a hard-cut off…our conversation about prayer concerns will continue if necessary….once our concerns have been expressed, those who do not wish to be broadcast online will leave the call and we will record the Prayers of the People which will be broadcast in our weekly worship video.  

The Zoom link will be sent via email – so make sure we have your email address! Fill out the form below and we will ensure that you receive all our Zoom links!

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