SPIRITUALITY In Chaotic Times: SESSON TWO – Thurs. May 28 at 10am

SPIRITUALITY IN CHAOTIC TIMES: this Thursday morning at 10am
The Zoom link is below
We will continue our conversation on Liminal Space with a second essay from Richard Rohr entitled:  Liminal Space:  Reconnecting with the Unconscious (click here).  It may also be helpful to refer to Sunday’s sermon which was inspired by the work of John Philip Newell, whom Rohr quotes in his essay.  The sermon text can be found at www.pastordawn.com “Making Love to the ONE Who IS LOVE click here
As you prepare, I invite you to ponder some questions:
1. What is resonating with you in these liminal times?
2. What are you learning about “what was”?
3. Any dreams or visions?

For the link to our Zoom Conversation, send an email to holycrosslutheran@rogers.com 

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