A Message from the Frontlines: The Reverends Eric Schultz and Martin Luther: 2020 and 1527

Our own Eric Schultz sends greetings from the frontlines. Eric is a member of our Church Council and a Spiritual Care Practitioner at Southlake Regional Hospital. Eric brings us greetings from the frontlines of this pandemic and Martin Luther himself makes an appearance to bring hope and inspiration from the frontlines of pandemic in 1527.

We continue to hold Eric and all the workers at Southlake in our hearts and thereby our prayers. Please stay home. Please stay safe. Check on your neighbours. Thank and pray for healthcare workers, retail workers, first-responders, civil servants, government leaders and delivery workers.

Thank-you Eric!

5 thoughts on “A Message from the Frontlines: The Reverends Eric Schultz and Martin Luther: 2020 and 1527

  1. Thank you Eric, for speaking about life at Southlake hospital. Thanks for reading Luther’s words and reminding us that epidemics have happened in times past!


  2. So good of you to take time to send this message, and ironic how timely and similar it seems to be. I always enjoy your visuals and find them to be fun, meaningful and appropriate. Be safe.


  3. Thanks for your words from the front lines Eric. Southlake is lucky to have someone as dedicated as you on staff. The words from Martin Luther ring as true in these days as they did in his day. Keep safe, keep well.
    Sharon S


  4. Excellent words from an Excellent Pastor and the gift of Luther’s wisdom speaks to us all as you and Pastor Dawn, another Excellent Pastor do today. Thank you both for your caring ministry to us all.
    Pastor Jon Fogleman


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