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A Church for the 21st Century:

Bishop John Shelby Spong described Holy Cross as:
"A Jewel in the frozen north!"

" incredible power emanates from this congregation.  Most of the small Christian churches in the United States and Canada are discouraged.  They feel impotent to impact the modern world.  They are shackled with the vestiges of yesterday that find expression in scripture and liturgy.  They feel like the mystical Sisyphus as they seek to roll the mighty stone uphill.  I invite those churches to look at, correspond with, visit, get on the mailing list of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Newmarket, Ontario.  What I found there will energize my life for years."

        Our Pastors:    The Reverend   Dawn Hutchings

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We are a Progressive Christian Community - These are exciting times! Life in the 21st century is challenging us to "re-think" our traditional understandings of Christianity.  New questions are revealing new insights and old ways of thinking are giving way to expansive revelations about what it means to follow the teachings of Jesus in this time and place.  As a new Christianity emerges we are expanding our understanding as we continue to seek ways to be in releationship to God and to one another that embodies Christ's ways of peace through justice.

Holy Cross is a place where questions are welcome!!!  Our questions drive us to a deeper understanding of the Spirit that lives and breathes in, with, and through us.  Wisdom is something we treasure at Holy Cross and so we pursue Wisdom through worship, education and play.  

Holy Cross Lutheran Church is a member of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).
For more information than is included in this page, please feel free to visit the ELCIC website,
or the Eastern Synod's website.
The Lutheran World Federation site can also provide you with more information on the Lutheran church in the world.


Please visit this page for contact information.

Where we Are:

Holy Cross Lutheran Church is located at 1035 Wayne Drive in Newmarket, Ontario.
Please see the map below or follow this link for a map showing the location of our church.

If you are interested in renting the church facilities, please contact us by visiting our contact page.


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