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Our Mission Statement:

  • We gather as an open community of Christians, responding to God’s call.

  • We welcome all people as members of our extended family.

  • We gather to support and nourish one another in the faith, equipping people to live the Gospel in the world.
    Our Purpose is to encounter the Gospel in worship, play, study, music, work, prayer and activism.

  • We provide worship that is diverse, flexible, thought provoking and relevant to our challenging times.

  • We are a voice for compassion and actively seek justice and peace in the world.

  • We identify and serve our neighbours in need.

  • We offer programs that encourage spiritual growth by teaching the Gospel in the Lutheran tradition. We provide opportunities to work, play and pray together.

We are a Reconciling in Christ Congregation.

In response to the overwhelming love of God we stand in awe of the wideness of God’s mercy. In faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, mindful of our Lutheran emphasis on grace, and rejoicing in the celebration of our shared baptismal journey, we welcome as members of our extended family, all those who have ever felt excluded by the Church because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental challenges, financial resources, or family status.

As followers of Christ, all members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church are compelled by the Gospel to seek reconciliation and wholeness in a world that is all too often an unloving place. Therefore, rejoicing in God’s abundant grace, we extend a special welcome to all. Whether you are gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual; whatever your country of origin or ancestry; whether you are a believer, a doubter or a seeker; in Christ’s love, we welcome you, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit we can work together to usher in God’s Reign of justice, peace, and mercy.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is Now an Inclusive Church

Motions Passed at the National Convention - July 2011

The ELCIC approved a new Social Statement on Human Sexuality, affirmed the Unity of the Church, empowered rostered ministers to preside  at the marriages of same-sex couples, and recinded policies that had prevented "self-declared, practicing homosexuals" from serving openly as ordained ministers in the ELCIC.  The passage of these motions means that all members regardless of sexual-orientation are finally welcome to worship and serve in the ELCIC.

01/29/2012  Holy Cross Formally Affirms ELCIC Policy Changes
Affirmation of ELCIC Policy Changes:

In response to the Motions Passed at the 2011 National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, with regard to the full inclusion of all the baptized members of the church in the full life of the church, be it resolved that:

Holy Cross Lutheran Church commends the ELCIC for its actions and fully embraces the inclusive policies adopted by the ELCIC in Motions:  NC-2011-14 Regarding the Unity of the Church, NC-2011-27 Regarding Marriage and NC2011-28 Regarding Ordination.


The members of Holy Cross, its officers, agents and pastors will continue to facilitate marriages according to the laws of Ontario, including the marriages of same-gendered couples.


When seeking pastors for call, Holy Cross, its officers and agents, will not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, and will seek pastors who will administer the duties and responsibilities of the office of pastor in a manner consistent with Holy Cross’  “Statement of Welcome.”

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